Reflections in Water

Posted on March 7, 2008 by

Add a body of water to an image, complete with a reflection of the surrounding scenery.

Go to Image-canvas size and increase the height from 100% to 200% and then duplicate the image and flip that new layer vertically by going to edit-tranform-flip vertical.

Go to edit-transform-distort and move bottom corners outward. Then go to edit-transform-prespective and move both bottom corners outward. then go to filter-distort-ripple and set the amount to 100% and medium.

Select the refelected image and then go to layer-new adjustment layer-Hue/saturation and reduce the lightness slightly to darken the reflection.

Select the reflected layer and choose filter-blur-motion blur and set angle to 0 and a low distance setting. Finish off by cropping out what you do not need line up the images and that's it.

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