Photoshop Plug-ins

Plug-ins can change the way that Photoshop works for you. Filters, automated actions etc. can make life a little bit easier. Make sure you install the plug-in in the right directory.

  • About Recommended
    Lots of plug-ins. You just have to check it out yourself.
  • Free Photoshop
    Old website (2003), listing plug-ins for Photoshop.
  • Adobe Photoshop Exchange Recommended
    Official exchange website from Adobe for Photoshop. Registration required.
  • Angelfire Filterz
    Old website containing a couple of Photoshop filters. No previews.
  • Photo-plugins
    Many photoshop plugins. Previews available.
  • RedField Plugins
    A couple of plugins. Some are really nice to use. Previews available.
  • The Plugin Site
    Small collection of very effective plugins.
  • Telegraphics
    Small collection of plugins. Type of plugin can be different.
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