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Beijing Connection II

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Beijing Connection II

Basic Photoshop Tutorials : Photoshop Blur Tool Tutorial

Posted on October 6, 2009 by 2 Comments

expertvillage posted:

The blur tool is a Photoshop staple, used ny amateurs and experts. Learn how to use Photoshop's blur tool from aprofessional photographer in this free Photoshop tutorial video. Expert: Julio Contact: Bio: Julio owns and operates his own production company, where he works with digital video and photography. Filmmaker: julio costilla

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Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners – Healing Tools – Clone stamp – Part 1

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hewad1923 posted:

It is a photoshop tutorials for beginners which is really helpful if you want to learn about photoshop even though this tutorial is from photoshop 7 but still you can use same technics in the latest version of photoshop CS4.

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Action Scripts for Photoshop – Your Ultimate Guide

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Josh Fulfer posted:

A recent study shows that you can sell more products online with the use of graphical representation. So if you are a graphic designer or an internet entrepreneur, you need to know more about this study.

A few years ago, the key to a successful website developing is the keyword density. As long as the keyword density is correct, a website that sells products can easily attract search engines. In effect, there is a little attention given to the layout of the website. But the recent study shows that you can sell products more effectively if you have better graphics, which includes eCovers.

eCovers are now the key to selling digital products online. So in order to make money online by selling digital products, you need to have an effective eCover for every product. How can you obtain this?

With the help of Action Scripts for Photoshop, you can actually make eCovers by yourself.  But why should you use action scripts for Photoshop if you can simply hire a graphic designer to make an eCover? Shouldn’t you let the professionals do the work?

A graphic designer can certainly make great and high quality eCovers. But their biggest drawback is the price. Getting their service is rather expensive, and even if you could afford one, using software applications that help you create eCovers is much worth it than hiring graphic designers.

Action Scripts for Photoshop contains a variety of templates that you can choose from. These templates can help you start the design of an eCover. This application also contains a number of special effects that will help you design the eCover so that you can make it look unique, even though you are using a template. This application even contains the function to convert 2D images to 3D presentations so that it would look more attractive.

Now that you know how powerful the action scripts for Photoshop are, then you should try using it. But first, you must learn the factors that make an effective eCover graphics. With the action scripts for Photoshop, you can make the best design considering the following factors:

Impact – The design of your eCover must immediately create an impact for anyone who sees it. People should become curious of your product once they see the eCover.

Characteristic – your eCover must stand out from the rest. By now, lots of digital products have their own eCover. So the eCover that you should make is one that looks unique.

Message – After a potential customer has decided to know more about your product, your eCover should be able to give more information to the potential customer so that he becomes more interested and therefore increase the chance of buying it.

All these factors should be considered in making an eCover so that you can get more customers to buy your product. And with the help of this useful application, you can create a good eCover that effectively brings all these factors on your eCover design.

Once you get your own copy of Action Scripts for Photoshop, you get an access to 40 different templates and a video tutorial on how to use this wonderful product.

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PHP Training and Photoshop Course in London

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Groshan Fabiola asked:

Advance your Dreamweaver Skills to the Next Level with PHP Training in London and enhance your Graphic Design skills with Photoshop Course in London

So now you know how Dreamweaver works and you are busy creating static, brochure-ware web sites. Well, surely that’s not where the learning curve ends is it? Your Dreamweaver introductory training will have given you the foundation to start a career as a web developer. However, if your aim is to take this career as far as possible, there are further courses you must attend. They are as easy and inexpensive as the previous, but they give you even more essential skills. A good Dreamweaver PHP or PHP MySQL course in London represents the next step into building a strong and successful career in web development.

When looking for Dreamweaver PHP training in London avoid the west end and city venues as you will most likely be paying for high costs of rent/hotels. Yes, they might put on a swanky pub meal at lunch but tell me - are you looking for a gourmet meal or are you looking for knowledge and enlightenment that will allow you to buy many such meals easily yourself in the nearest future?

The best type of Dreamweaver PHP training in London will be a course that allows you to take your Dreamweaver skills to the next level. On such a training course you should be able to build web pages that insert, search, delete or update records from a database. You should also learn how to create a registration page, Check User Name, Create a log in page, Restrict Access to Page and Log Out User.

Upon completing a Dreamweaver PHP course in London you will truly master how to develop dynamic web sites.  I’m sure you would like to be able to do that even if you have to go as far as Enfield in the North East of London.

Unlike the introductory courses about Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver PHP training in London requires Dreamweaver skills, because you must first know how to create a static web site to be able to make it a dynamic data- driven one. Dreamweaver PHP training in London is a one day course and for anyone looking to create dynamic web sites it would be a crying shame to miss it.

For those that are more used to hand-coding their web pages and want to learn PHP MySQL there is an upgrade course called PHP5 and MySQL training in London this is slightly more advanced and would take two days to complete.

Do not be fooled by the many PHP  training courses in London that want you to  remortgage your house or take out a huge loan because it really does not have to be this way. Perfecting your web technology skills and taking your career to the next level is much easier than that. If you have ever wondered what path to take in your life in order to have the money, career and lifestyle you have dreamed of, now is your chance to let go of all doubts and find the answer. Within a short period of time and with little money, you can become a web site developer and getting Dreamweaver and PHP training London is the best and most effective way to achieve that.

If the programming side of developing web sites is not your passion, and you are more interested in the visual aspects, then look for a Photoshop course in London to help you achieve your dreams. By attending Photoshop training in London you will acquire the necessary skills for screen and print. In just a couple of days, you will learn valuable techniques in images, compositing and retouching for online production and print.

Most Photoshop courses in London are aimed at teaching beginners or novices, so there are no requirements for previous knowledge. The only skills you must have are good mouse and keyboard skills. Moreover, by attending certain Photoshop training courses in London you will also have access to online support and tutorials, all at very competitive prices.

Starting a career in the web design and development world seems like something rather complicated until you have found the perfect training provider. There are many training organisations whose goal is to turn a beginner into a professional in no time. Photoshop courses in London, Dreamweaver training in London and Flash courses in London have the best reputation in the world for doing this. You just have to make sure you are going with the right one who will not charge you heaven and earth to gain the skills. More so, a training academy that respects its students and itself will not just be in the business for the money but also because they have an unwavering dedication towards taking students to the next level of development and supporting them along the way. Hence, providing not just introductory Dreamweaver training but also an advanced course, such as a PHP MySQL course in London.

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What site to download photoshop cs3 brushes except at deviantart?

Posted on September 6, 2009 by 1 Comment

Athena L asked:

My friend told that there are a site that have a good photoshop brushes to download and it's not at deviantart. So anyone can tell me where it is?

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What program is used to record photoshop retouches?

Posted on September 5, 2009 by 3 Comments

IAmGoddess asked:

I like to do retouching, and I've noticed on youtube people record themselves retouching photos in photoshop. I have photoshop, but how do I record it for use as a video? Thank you so much!


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What is the best photoshop website to use?

Posted on August 29, 2009 by 5 Comments

lovey!dovey!babe! asked:

I like to edit my photo's to give it that cool and unique feel. Im not a photographer or anything. But im just wondering what photoshop site is really good or what you use?

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What is a good photo editor similar to photoshop?

Posted on August 27, 2009 by 7 Comments

Lorea asked:

I can't put photoshop on the computer I'm currently on, and I need to edit a photo.
Does anyone know any editing programs similar to photoshop or anything with a tool similar to photoshops liquify tool or something like that to reshape faces.

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The Effects Of Tutorials In Photoshop

Posted on August 27, 2009 by Leave a comment

Mario Churchill asked:

You've heard of the numerous tutorials in Photoshop available as online lessons and through CDs and have probably wondered if they are as effective as they promise. After all, you don't want to waste your time and money on a method of learning that will not have any benefits for you in the end. But can you effectively learn Photoshop through tutorials as well as you would in a classroom setting? Here, we examine the pros and cons:

Practical reasons for using Photoshop tutorials

Let's face it: taking classes in Photoshop are more expensive than online and video tutorials. You will be paying not just for the instructor's fees but also for the facilities and use of equipment. However, you will be exposed to an environment where you have direct and immediate access to an instructor. Any questions or confusions you may have regarding a particular topic or instruction are easily resolved.


With tutorials, you work on your own. This is an effective method of learning for you if you get distracted by other people easily or if you're shy. Tutorials cater to the different learning styles of users and learning is achieved depending on their willingness and on the effort they put in.


Another reason why tutorials are more attractive is because of its convenience, which attracts many people who want to learn Photoshop to the various online programs available. These are usually the people who can work well by themselves, have access to the Web and have reasonable computer skills. Tutorials also allow them to work anywhere, any time, at their own pace. If they want to skip some lessons, advance to another topic or spend more time on a particular subject, they can.

And now the question: what are the effects of Photoshop tutorials?

Photoshop is not just about learning how to use special tools, producing digital art and using special effects. It is also about understanding how these functions work separately so it is easier to use them in combination to create an integrated picture.

That is why online tutorials such as, and offer tutorials on the basics of Photoshop. Even video tutorials have sessions that introduce the program in its basic instructions. Learners are encouraged to know what Photoshop can do so they develop enough understanding to actually make it work. After all, users don't just memorize a series of steps in order to produce a certain effect. They must be able to use the instructions to create an entirely different work.

Granted that you have the background and skills required for the software (knowledge of terminologies, basic computer skills), tutorials should be enough to teach you the basic and intermediate knowledge you need for learning the software. And you don't have to stop there. There are thousands of tutorials you can access online, most of which were developed by some of the industry's well-respected professionals. With so many resources available for your use, you need only to tap into them to learn everything you need to know.

But tutorials alone will not turn you into an expert. Even the best Photoshop artists didn't get there by just knowing what to do. They had to work on hundreds of projects that range from the simple to the complicated in order to work with Photoshop confidently.

Photoshop tutorials are effective if you have the inclination, interest and resources. After all, tutorials are just a method of learning and have been used for many years to teach people a wide variety of subjects from technical know-how to academics. It is what you do with what you know that will spell the big difference.

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