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Action Scripts for Photoshop – Your Ultimate Guide

Posted on September 25, 2009 by Leave a comment

Josh Fulfer posted:

A recent study shows that you can sell more products online with the use of graphical representation. So if you are a graphic designer or an internet entrepreneur, you need to know more about this study.

A few years ago, the key to a successful website developing is the keyword density. As long as the keyword density is correct, a website that sells products can easily attract search engines. In effect, there is a little attention given to the layout of the website. But the recent study shows that you can sell products more effectively if you have better graphics, which includes eCovers.

eCovers are now the key to selling digital products online. So in order to make money online by selling digital products, you need to have an effective eCover for every product. How can you obtain this?

With the help of Action Scripts for Photoshop, you can actually make eCovers by yourself.  But why should you use action scripts for Photoshop if you can simply hire a graphic designer to make an eCover? Shouldn’t you let the professionals do the work?

A graphic designer can certainly make great and high quality eCovers. But their biggest drawback is the price. Getting their service is rather expensive, and even if you could afford one, using software applications that help you create eCovers is much worth it than hiring graphic designers.

Action Scripts for Photoshop contains a variety of templates that you can choose from. These templates can help you start the design of an eCover. This application also contains a number of special effects that will help you design the eCover so that you can make it look unique, even though you are using a template. This application even contains the function to convert 2D images to 3D presentations so that it would look more attractive.

Now that you know how powerful the action scripts for Photoshop are, then you should try using it. But first, you must learn the factors that make an effective eCover graphics. With the action scripts for Photoshop, you can make the best design considering the following factors:

Impact – The design of your eCover must immediately create an impact for anyone who sees it. People should become curious of your product once they see the eCover.

Characteristic – your eCover must stand out from the rest. By now, lots of digital products have their own eCover. So the eCover that you should make is one that looks unique.

Message – After a potential customer has decided to know more about your product, your eCover should be able to give more information to the potential customer so that he becomes more interested and therefore increase the chance of buying it.

All these factors should be considered in making an eCover so that you can get more customers to buy your product. And with the help of this useful application, you can create a good eCover that effectively brings all these factors on your eCover design.

Once you get your own copy of Action Scripts for Photoshop, you get an access to 40 different templates and a video tutorial on how to use this wonderful product.

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