Select Color Range – You **** at Photoshop

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MyDamnChannel asked:

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25 Responses to “Select Color Range – You **** at Photoshop”

  1. Rexorsist says:

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  2. Sexalize says:

    Recognize your employees.

    @MoJacques Suffice to say, I couldnt give 2 ffff— arby’s french dips

  3. MoJacques says:

    My Digital Photography

    @IamHexxarz Dang, dude chill. I was told it was Dane Cook. No need to get all rude. A simple “It’s not Dane Cook. It’s Blah Blah.” would have sufficed. (:

  4. IamHexxorz says:

    My Digital Photography

    @MoJacques it isn’t dane cook you freak -_- it’s Troy Hitch, DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!

  5. MoJacques says:


    @xxbeastieb0yxx Dane Cook, dude. Dane Cook.(:

  6. pl4uG3 says:

    Recognize your employees.

    @IamHexxorz lol… 12 am is midnight. 12 pm is noon.

  7. hinagreenhidared says:



  8. IamHexxorz says:

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    @yesmaybeso1022 12pm is midnight you retard

  9. xxxAngelsWingsxxx says:



  10. Sagiy21 says:

    Recognize your employees.

    @tripdefect87 YESS!! Thank you! Thank you so much!

  11. tripdefect87 says:

    Marketing Tips

    I honestly can’t tell you how helpful this series has been

    Like “The Joy Of Painting” brought into the 21st century

  12. tripdefect87 says:

    Free listing in the United Business Directory

    @Sagiy21 Second season is up on the My Damn Channel website

    Click the link in the description

  13. nazerbs says:

    Recognize your employees.

    What about the hammock?

  14. Sagiy21 says:

    Free listing in the United Business Directory

    I love ******* at Photoshops!
    Any chance for a second season?

  15. mr1trash says:

    Technical Blog

    you can get the background away more easy by just setting your layer to multiply!!!

  16. Tesorazorz says:

    Technical Blog

    @thebaconrevolution Noooooooooooo really???????? Oh my god he’s been fooling us ALLL!

  17. TheSunGodRa says:

    Create a video blog

    There is an option on the magic wand to select non-contiguous color matches. If you’re only picking one color (white), the threshhold setting on the magic wand pretty much acts like the fuzziness setting in color range.

  18. EaterOfUniverses says:

    Marketing Tips

    BRB laughing my *** OFF at the background change with explosion.

  19. roux2k11 says:

    Marketing Tips

    i did the color range but my annoying points keep on the pic 😮

  20. thebaconrevolution says:

    Create a video blog

    all of these are fake or you have SERIOUS problems

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