Remove Braces with Photoshop

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tutvid asked:

Sitting in the basement of a photography studio in Richmond Virgina I was approached by a retoucher that worked at the studio, she asked me if I took tutorial requests, I said "sure" and all she requests was a video on removing braces... I can't remember your name, but here is a Braces Removal Tutorial dedicated to the "Unknown Retoucher" Learn all kinds of cool tricks as far as cloning and healing in tight spaces and how I remove braces. I could spend aa huge amount of time talking and showing some of the smaller teeth removal as well as even rebuilding some of the teeth that and dark and moving toward the back of the mouth, but we have some time constraints. If there is interest I will consider recording a full 30+ minutes on how to do everything involved. Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

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25 Responses to “Remove Braces with Photoshop”

  1. gymnasticluver13 says:

    Recognize your employees.

    whatever. I’m not a dentist. lol

  2. PSNAdmin says:

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    @danrocks242 Until they **** you ****.

  3. se7so12345 says:

    Recognize your employees.



  4. FredIsNeverDead says:

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    @asfkjrsgcxv112 OMG you said that 6 months ago!

  5. aznofjapan says:

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    @olegario39 i think that was the joke

  6. NewYYankees says:

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    @danrocks242 Shes Not

  7. InkyBabyOriginal says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    @danrocks242 thanks =)

  8. Sorarenggli says:

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    @danrocks242 lol no they are not!

  9. olegario39 says:

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    @DidheBanned LIKE DUH…cant you read the title? idiot.

  10. Nihilanthe says:

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    @kabuto199 actually, some dentists do put on braces. They have specialized in both but they won’t call themselves “dentist and orthodontist” so it’s just dentist

  11. Nihilanthe says:


    @danrocks242 you have to explain to me what’s hot about having grey chunks of metal on your teeth cause I don’t get it

  12. Teddy13BearBoy says:

    Create a video blog

    She looked waaaaayyyy better after the braces were removed.

  13. jacobthomaswilson says:

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    we can read douchebags…

  14. chakshita1 says:


    now 816

  15. ColinMeloy91 says:

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    “Whatever it is I’m not a dentist.” tee hee Archwire this is excellent

  16. rockedheart1 says:


    now 813

  17. meglovesJessieJ says:

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    @danrocks242 Good, because I’m getting braces 😉

  18. RAHMELBASS says:

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    has a very oily complexion

  19. axlPR says:

    Recognize your employees.

    i dont have the patch tool or am i lookin wrong? :s

  20. PhotoshopTutsRO says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    why didtn’t ya move the patch of the 2nd bracelett on the 1st teeth?

  21. RoxySnowFan96 says:


    It would be better if she smiled with her mouth close

  22. yobmas722 says:


    @danrocks242 true that

  23. emtmedic6045 says:

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    that was great thanks for the tips.

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