Photoshop: 3D Flags!

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IceflowStudios asked:

Creating great looking flags in Photoshop! For more tutorials, head to: Visit for more tutorials, contests and more! Music Kevin MacLeod

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25 Responses to “Photoshop: 3D Flags!”

  1. arsicifyable says:

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    okay, now i have been watching alot of your videos and i could easily follow the steps, and best of all it stays in my head after the 2-3 time :D!!!!! so i was thinking it was time to subscribe:)

  2. shaun4245 says:

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    @Alxbeginner lmao that was pretty funny

  3. basely999 says:

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  4. AEScience says:

    Recognize your employees.

    @vuhuongtra2612 I think he uses cs4… 🙂

  5. vuhuongtra2612 says:

    Recognize your employees.

    Photoshop CS ?

  6. wongteikmun says:

    Technical Blog

    Thumbs up if u’re from Canada!

  7. MrSilentomen says:

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    brill tutorial…. cheers 🙂

  8. Aamirlatiff1 says:

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    It works Dude thnx

  9. HannibalBee022 says:


    @Alxbeginner yeah … now i understand !!! good for you 🙂 because u are now in top 🙂

  10. rizzyriz23 says:

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    arrghh! can’t find guess777’s comment lol

  11. Alxbeginner says:

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    Well @GadgeSTonE some1 replied to to guess777 bcuz he was hating, in fact that was the most liked comment… before me 🙂 I couldn’t find guess777’s comment so I just for fun said “thumps up if…” 😀

  12. GadgeSTonE says:

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    @Alxbeginner who the **** is guess777 and *** u are in top because u put a stupid comment :))) hahah gj man…a lot of retards like ur comment !!! :))))

  13. joshanator1 says:

    Recognize your employees.

    I am now a member of the ice flow nation! : )

  14. llDellMango says:

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  15. BeastlyLead says:

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    “it look very VERY NICE”
    *admiring his own flag*

  16. moonstone12s34yy says:

    Recognize your employees.

    Cool…my photoshop trial expired tho XD

  17. hoemess says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. rayrazu says:

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    @looknfortruth Thank you , it worked.

  19. looknfortruth says:

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    @rayrazu make sure you have a layer selected that is turned on,if the layer is not ‘on’you wont get any options in filter

  20. AntiqueWendy says:

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    very nice… 😀

  21. DjSohann says:



  22. puppetlover123 says:

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    thumbs up if youre watching this in 2011! XD

  23. Cedevita86 says:


    Nice, great explanation, good work 😉

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