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The Perfect Lie (Photoshop Transformation)

Posted on August 22, 2011 by 25 Comments

YoussefS asked: - Follow me check out my other videos This is part of a project I am working on for my end of year assessment in college. I searched for hours trying to find a suitable portrait for this experiment. I wanted a female, front facing, eye contact, little or no hard shadows on the face and that was representative of the norm. I have increased the speed of the recording to give you an insight into what can go into post production. I have purposely went to 'extremes' on this portrait to show what is done to make the face ready for print. The woman is not who she was. Song: The Engine Room - A Perfect Lie (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) /// I am aware the song is entitle 'A' Perfect Lie, and the piece is 'The' Perfect lie. That was intentional. /// Thank you for viewing.

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Basics of Photoshop #01 – What Does Everything Do?

Posted on August 22, 2011 by 25 Comments

lifehacker asked:

Here's a quick look at how pretty much everything in Photoshop works in under 25 minutes.This is the first lesson in the Lifehacker Night School Basics of Photoshop class. There will be four more lessons posted Tuesday through Friday (this week) at 6PM PST.

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