Basics of Photoshop #01 – What Does Everything Do?

Posted on August 22, 2011 by

lifehacker asked:

Here's a quick look at how pretty much everything in Photoshop works in under 25 minutes.This is the first lesson in the Lifehacker Night School Basics of Photoshop class. There will be four more lessons posted Tuesday through Friday (this week) at 6PM PST.

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25 Responses to “Basics of Photoshop #01 – What Does Everything Do?”

  1. mymindkillsme says:

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    wow this was uhhmazinn.. i actually learned a lot of awesome tips! i will be subscribing. 😀

  2. chunkiemunkiexd says:

    Technical Blog

    When I try to cut where I selected the rectangle tool, it won’t show the gray and white space beneath it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m getting really angry and frustrated. What are you doing to do the cut? You’re not explaining as you do it.

  3. swatsticker says:

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    @BrokenWingsKai true, but alot went into R&D to make this product what it is..but yea its the interwebs. **** it!

  4. BrokenWingsKai says:

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    very good tutorial. i’ve moved onto advanced photoshop, but i started with this video. i highly recommend

  5. BrokenWingsKai says:

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    @swatsticker i dont know why people buy things >_> …its the internet. its all free.

  6. CanadaKill says:

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    What are your specs of your mac?

  7. vidyadbz says:

    Technical Blog

    i think i wont use the help option in photoshop…….:D cause this guy is good in explaining things 😀

  8. swatsticker says:

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    if you cant afford photoshop why you watchin the tut?

  9. notafraid06 says:

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    “as you can see when we enlarge the heart it doesnt become all pixelated, alternatively when you enlarge hello your computer turns into a coleco vision”

  10. notafraid06 says:

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    thumbs up for doggie buttt hole !Lets make me the top rated comment! I mean c-mon

  11. waynehj2 says:

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    you are awesome. i appreciate you so much man. thank you for your time.

  12. riwazinho says:

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    Great video. Thanks a lot! =P

  13. OfficialJimmyH says:

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    Hey lifehacker how did you get the black dock on your mac????? mine is just transparent…

  14. changaputar says:

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    Step by step photoshop tutorials free

  15. Abcdefgkkthxbye says:

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    Definitely the best guide I’ve watched so far!

  16. amrel360 says:

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    Un video de 25 mins para aprender todo lo basico de PhotoShop

  17. ND1Razor says:

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    Switching from Gimp to Photoshop, and the basics are fine, i just need to to know where all the tools are.

    This helped 🙂

  18. LedPhrmr says:

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    Perfect tutorial.
    The comments on the dog **** made my night.

  19. aj87vexter says:

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    This is amazing! Great tutorial.

  20. 44750682 says:

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    Thanks a lot buddy, anybody can be a graphic designer if we have these tutorials without paying any fee. Keep going man!

  21. ShareZombie says:

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    Learned a lot, thank you!
    *Added to playlist and subscribed*

  22. jRQLME says:


    thank you very much 4 this video, exactly what I been looking for

  23. NYprinc3 says:

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    likeasomebooty i know how to use it now and still dont have it on my mac 🙁

  24. diegovalencr says:

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    That was very basic yet very useful. You rock these tutorials man, please keep going.

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