Tips On Finding Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

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antmtl710 asked:

So after many videos of speed retouching I've gotten tons of emails from YouTubers that wanted an actual tutorial. Not just speed retouching to music. Unfortunately I'm kept very busy shoot fashion and commercial work to do these but right now its the holidays and i have some down time. Enjoy! PS: Sorry for the sound quality, this was my first podcast and first time recording my voice, I have since gotten a better mic so future videos will me clearer sounding. 🙂

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11 Responses to “Tips On Finding Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. digitaldan68 says:

    Without a doubt this is one of the most helpful tutorials on reshaping I have seen. Thanks!

  2. go4jc says:

    you are best. thank you,

  3. bluedooke says:

    hey can you do a tutorial on how to cover up eye bags, spots etc, you did it in a speed video but no explanation, thanks!

  4. darker1985 says:

    One of the best videos I have seen, I was worrying if I should be using all those tools in Liquify and have just followed your advice and it does everything I want to achieve.

    Thanks, a 5 star rating!

  5. antmtl710 says:

    I only use the Forward Warp Tool, First one at the top (Little hand pointing) Thats it!

  6. starsarah1 says:

    what tool from the liqify are you using??are you using the pucker?? thx and cool tut.

  7. zarischka says:

    Oh my goodness… Seriously – you are by FAR the best photoshopper I’ve ever come across and you’re obviously a great teacher too. Your instructions were easily followed and clever. Plus – I love that you didn’t take away from her natural look. Hat’s off to you! 😀

  8. takkmum says:

    Very very interesting. Very very professional.
    Thank you!

  9. takkmum says:

    Very very interesting.
    Thank you.

  10. luckymokona says:

    Good, sound advice. Pay attention to this YouTube! I’m tired of seeing ridiculous liquify adjustments!

  11. SL33PYJ0E says:

    nice buddy,.
    thanks for helpin us out.

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