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Create an Explosive Color Swath: Photoshop Tutorial

Posted on August 22, 2011 by 25 Comments

tutvid asked:

Be sure to follow along with this quick tutorial because every time you do it you will get something different, sometimes the results will be awesome, other times not so awesome, but any way you slice it you will get some cool artwork. We will talk about some tricks using filters and blend modes, brushes, warping, and even how to get a cool smooth color overlay effect. Follow along and you are sure to have a great time! Follow me on Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

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Tips On Finding Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Posted on September 18, 2009 by 11 Comments

antmtl710 asked:

So after many videos of speed retouching I've gotten tons of emails from YouTubers that wanted an actual tutorial. Not just speed retouching to music. Unfortunately I'm kept very busy shoot fashion and commercial work to do these but right now its the holidays and i have some down time. Enjoy! PS: Sorry for the sound quality, this was my first podcast and first time recording my voice, I have since gotten a better mic so future videos will me clearer sounding. 🙂

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What is the best adobe photoshop CS2 tutorial for beginners?

Posted on August 25, 2009 by 2 Comments

samak asked:

I want to learn how to do basic things on adobe photoshop CS2? For example, how can I draw basic things like lines, squares, circles, and shapes? (also cut, paste, etc) What are some tips that will save me a lot of time, and what are some common mistakes and things to avoid? And how can I learn how to use layers properly? Keep in mind that the only drawing software I know how to use is the old "mspaint" on windows.

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Photoshop Tutorials

Posted on June 10, 2009 by Leave a comment

Mario Churchill asked:

A person looking for ways to improve his graphic designing skills should not look for anywhere else. The best option is to get hold of adobe photoshop tutorials that are available in bookstores and even online.

Adobe photoshop tutorials used to be difficult to find before the advent of the Internet. It also used to be very expensive to get such a tutorial before even if it is just a hard copy or printed tutorial. Thanks to the World Wide Web adobe photoshop tutorials are now easier to find, a lot cheaper and in most cases they are even available for free.

Graphic designers all over the world share a common language and this is the language of adobe photoshop. No designer can continue to ignore the benefits offered by this software when it comes to creating designs and editing photographs. But a designer will find out that photoshop is capable of other things once he learns how to use it to his advantage.

Looking at expert designers use photoshop can be very daunting to a beginner. However, do not let their expertise fool anyone because like everyone else they also started their design careers not knowing anything about photoshop. This goes to say that photoshop may look very challenging but it can be learned.

A person who is serious in learning photoshop is already halfway towards his goal. He should start by availing himself of a photoshop tutorial and he can do this by browsing various design sites and look for those who offer free downloading of adobe photoshop tutorials.

He can also try buying a book photoshop tutorial but I can be more difficult since he has to imagine things and understand the language and the style of the author first. Getting photoshop tutorials on line is the best option because he can easily practice what he is being taught in the tutorial in real time.

The first part of any basic photoshop tutorial is an introduction of the tools that are available to the designer. These tools can help him edit his work and even create simple photoshop effects in no time at all. Mastery of these tools is important if one wants to master photoshop.

Interactive photoshop tutorials can help a beginner learn design and photo editing in a matter of minutes. If he is a fast learner he will be able to produce at least one edited photo during his first tutorial session.

Those who already know basic photoshop which means he knows how to use the command a well as how to manipulate the color palette can go to specific photoshop lessons which are also available in tutorials. These lessons are called tricks of the trade and they can be very useful in creating advance editing projects.

A person who wants to learn photoshop should not however expect to master the software and all he tricks in just one sitting. Professional designers had years of experience before they mastered photoshop. To avoid getting frustrated it is important to be realistic and be content with whatever progress he may have in photoshop tutorial.

What is nice about learning from photoshop tutorials is that a person can be filled with awe just looking at the various effects that the can produce just with a click of a photoshop tool. Editing photographs has never been this easy with photoshop and the time and effort spent learning the tutorials will be worth it.

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Photo Shop Tutorial Effect

Posted on March 23, 2009 by Leave a comment

Mario Churchill asked:

Photographs will always be interesting conversation pieces and mementoes especially if they remind someone of a special person or event in his life. However there are ways of enhancing photographs and adding more spice and interest to it so that it is not just a good way to document people, places and events but a good way to highlight interesting aspects of the photographs as well.

Most photography studios make use of photo shop effects to enhance photographs. Magazines and other publications also rely on the good old photoshop effects to enhance their photos.

A person who wants to enhance his own photographs can look for photoshop tutorial effect that can be easily downloaded from the internet. Creating photoshop effects can be easy with the proper tutorial. Anyone can learn photoshop and apply photoshop effects in no time at all if they get an informative photoshop tutorial that is easy to follow.

The art of creating photoshop effect can also be a very good business tool. A person can establish a business just by becoming an expert in photoshop effect. Remember those photographs of kids sitting on large flower pots or kettles? Those were created using photoshop effect.

There are a lot of things a designer can do with photoshop including enhancing facial assets of clients. There are people who want to get perfect photographs but just taking their picture and developing that would not help them at all. The best thing to do is to process the photo first using photoshop effects.

With photoshop effects a designer can erase blemishes, repair facial flaws, get rid of those extra fats in the tummy of magazine cover models and a lot of other special effects. A designer can use photoshop to totally change the background of a person in a photograph.

There are various tools in photoshop that are especially designed to perform a particular effect. There is a tool that can change the background color or which can lighten or darken up a photograph. There is a tool that can create ripples or highlight a certain portion of a photograph.

Nothing is impossible with photoshop and a patient designer can make money just by manipulating photos. It is really a very good business so a person who is interested in getting extra on the side should start to learn photoshop.

Photoshop can be complicated for the beginner but with a lot of practice and patience it can be mastered and used to produce a lot of special effects. A person can even restore photos using photoshop or transform a new photo into an old photograph.

Learning photoshop and how to create special photoshop effects need not be expensive. The Internet is a veritable source or free goodies and photoshop tutorials are available for free downloading in most design sites.

While the downloading of the photoshop program and tutorial is free a person however needs to invest time and effort to learn how to use the program. Photoshop is always being upgraded by its makers and a person who already knows basic photoshop should look for tutorials that will introduce him to more tips on photoshop effects.

Creating special effects through photoshop is really a never ending learning session. But who would dare complain when the program can be used for a lot of thing including earning a living?

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