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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
All keyboard shortcuts organized into four pages, by menu, as well as alphabetically by key.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

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How to use adobe photoshop elements sotware and discover photoshop elements 7

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David Peters asked:

revolutionary image editor

Adobe Photoshop is a leading program that has revolutionized the very basic concept of image editing. Adobe Photoshop elements bring the best in your photograph by enhancing its appeal via a myriad range of simple and easy-to-use tools. Adobe Photoshop is widely accessible owing to its high compatibility with Macs and Windows PC.

Why use Adobe Elements?

The Adobe Elements are analogous to the full version in many ways. However it is a bit easier to comprehend and learn. If you have started learning Adobe Photoshop, then it would be better if you have to learn something that contains simpler features. With the help of Adobe Elements you can brighten a photograph that is very dark to look at. For this all you have to do is open the picture in the program and then go to ‘enhance’ option in the menu. Under that select first select ‘adjust lighting’ and then select ‘brightness/contrast’. After making necessary adjustments save the picture. You can even restore a discolored photo with the help of Adobe Elements.

Adobe Elements tutorials:

If you are new to this program, the best way to perfect at Adobe is via Adobe Photoshop tutorials easily available on CD-ROM, DVDs and several online video clips. In the tutorials look for the tools, commands, keyboard shortcuts that would acquaint you with the basic usage of Adobe. Learn the correct way to use the stylized fonts and text effects for creating flash effects for a website. You may look for tools like cropping, watermarks, channels and masks, re-touching and other advanced tools that would portray a web page at its best appeal.

Adobe Elements tools:

The latest versions of Adobe Photoshop 5 and Adobe Photoshop 7 help in turning an old worn out picture into a colorful and vivid picture. The in built tools in the Photoshop would lead you to bring the best out of an old photograph worth discarding. Some of the few tools include, smudge tool used to add special effects to the foreground and background. Blur tool helps you lighten the part in the picture that is unclear or in a shadow. Sharpen tool is used to make a photograph sharper and clearer in case it appears blurred. Burn tool helps you to edit the image into a darker version and thus brings out its highlights clearly. Apart from these tools there are a number of other tools using which you could create beautiful colored images.

Adobe Elements tips:

a) Use the Photo merge feature to combine multiple images to create a seamless panorama. You can further enhance it by using rotate, zoom and pan tools.

b) You can easily flip through the various blend modes through ship+ to change to the next mode and shift - to go to the previous. These shortcuts would give you the ease of

glancing all the modes quickly than separately clicking and viewing them.

c) Remember to use the picture package option print all the pictures with different print size on one page.

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